New Yachts

A deep blue sea around you. The cruise is relaxed and your yacht is easily maneuverable and the operation is simple. The cruise is done completely independently – without skipper, crew and unnecessary complications. Its structure on the one hand allows excellent sailing performance and on the other hand makes the cruise very safe and relaxed.

Your vacation is accompanied by friends and family members who are together in the same well-equipped and luxurious space. And if you feel like anchoring in a small village or marina of a vibrant city, the docking will be quick and easy.

The shallow sinking allows for close anchorage to beaches and virgin bays, and with the service boat reaching the beach or authentic villages is a matter of a few minutes.

This is the experience that awaits you with Fountaine Pajot.

Fountaine Pajot has been producing catamaran yachts since 1976 and is now a world leader in the luxury category. Fountaine Pajot stands out for the innovative developments and the level of finishing and pampering of its yacht models. The models are designed to meet the most meticulous needs of the faithful cruise ship, which accompanies the company for years, with rich equipment, advanced technology, energy retrieval solutions and more.

Whether you are sailing yachts or motor yachts, you will find engineering and hydrodynamic design that ensures superior performance, thorough thinking about passenger safety in all conditions and in every scenario, ergonomics and advanced human engineering, and a large and luxurious space for the entire family and friends to cruise. The company uses the best raw materials in the world and brings the level of performance to art.

A.G Yachting is the sole representative of Fountaine Pajot in Israel, and continues the tradition of quality with quality, meticulous service and care.