Ship Management

We know very well that your time is precious and that every moment of your vacation should be devoted to pleasure. So when you get to your yacht, it will wait for you clean, patient, tested, and ready to sail in a calm and smooth head. Services offered in ship management include:

Escort in purchasing a yacht

Commercial, legal and technical aspects of new or second hand yachts. The process includes understanding the desires and needs, locating a yacht for sale and determining its condition and fitness, negotiating the opening price and continuing contractual processes until the yacht is inspected by the inspection team and the completion of the transaction.

Registration and Registration Advice in Flag State

Releasing the flag from the purchased yacht, advising on the flag state and registering the yacht under the chosen country.


Dealing with insurance companies in the purchase of policies, renewals and insurance events


Booking docks in the world and coordinating beach services (water, fuel, laundry, etc.) treatment book. Writing maintenance procedures and treatments for the yacht with the instructions of the manufacturers of the various systems

Maintenance services

Body care, deck and electrical show and machine. Coordinate and supervise the repair of any malfunction anywhere in the world whether through local representatives or by flying the AG Yachting crew.