Ready for sailing season?

הכנת היאכטה לעונה הבאה I Preparing the yacht for the next season

Preparing the yacht for the sailing season: Are you ready for the sailing season? When a boat is stowed away for the winter, whether a yacht, catamaran or monohull, this is the best time to perform annual maintenance works and prepare the yacht for the coming season. What maintenance works should we do to prepare […]

Preparing a Yacht for the Winter

יאכטה בנמל קפוא - הכנת היאכטה קטמרן לחורף

Preparing a Yacht for the Winter, The winter is coming! Some continue to sale whereas others take a timeout for resting. Preparing a yacht for the winter – how do you prepare the yacht for dry storage? What are the dangers lurking for a catamaran in the winter and how do we avoid wear? Where […]

Catamaran in Greece: Sail Away to Paradise

catamaran in greece in sunset

Exploring Exotic Destinations on a Catamaran in Greece: Sail Away to Paradise Have you ever envisioned yourself aboard a luxurious catamaran in Greece? gliding effortlessly across the azure Mediterranean waters? Greece, with its mesmerizing coastline and enchanting destinations, is waiting to turn that vision into reality. In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why […]

Sailing in Greece: Top 5 Things to Know

Friends on a sailing tip in Greece on crystal-clear blue waters beside white cliffs

5 Things You Need to Know Before Sailing in Greece …Because sailing in Greece should only go one way: swimmingly! Island sailing in Greece is a dream come true for many sailors, be they enthusiastic amateurs or decked-out pros. The Greek islands are a world-renowned sailing paradise, with crystal-clear waters, sunny skies, and whiter-than-white cliffs. […]

The Best Water Toys for Fun Boating

JUMPING FROM THE BOAT - 15 Ways to Make Sailing More Fun

13 Ways to Make Your Boat Even More Fun When Sailing Nothing quite like the freedom that comes with getting out on the water in your catamaran or yacht and having fun. Boating and sailing offer a fantastic experience, but adding water toys can turn a typical day on the water into memories that will […]

The Catamaran ISLA 40 by Fountaine Pajot

יאכטה קטמרן מדגם 40 פיט בהפלגה

Catamaran isla 40, Whether you are a family with children or a group of friends, an experienced sailor or newbies without a sailing certificate, everybody can enjoy sailing vacation.  I grew up racing in small dinghies and later on became sailing instructor. working years on monohull yachts, i was convinced that monohull sailing is the […]